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Review Iconia PC tablet on TechRadar

This the newest product from Acer called Iconia W510. This gadget is slim, portable and the simplest way to do your activities with it. You can simply move it and bring it everywhere you like, your desk, your job table, cafe, project are or other place where you can't do it with your PC. Acer Iconia PC tablet dengan Windows 8 is the most portable gadget to move your world. 

It's a tablet, not one of those convertible laptops you've been seeing lately. It may transform into three different modes, but it's a Windows 8 slate with a keyboard dock, pure and simple. Why? Because its 10.2-inch form factor and low-wattage Atom processor make it less than functional for all but the most basic computing tasks. Despite running the full version of Windows 8, it has more in common with the Microsoft Surface RT than a true convertible like Lenovo Thinkpad Helix.

The Iconia W510 in tablet, productivity and presentation mode

Our configuration of the Acer Iconia W510 packs a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 64GB SSD. It retails for $750, half of what true transformers like the HP Envy X2 go for, but don't mistake the W510 for a value buy. This is iPad pricing without iPad performance, and for just a $100 more, you could get a more functional, albeit heavier, Windows 8 laptop. Or you could get a sleek Surface RT, preloaded with Microsoft Office.

Though the thought of a full Windows 8 slate, keyboard stand included, might be tempting, the Acer Iconia PC tablet W510 is not suited to be to the solo computing option for anyone but the lightest of users. It's meant to be someone's second or even third device. Portability and battery life are its only true selling points, but its that unfortunate device that's easy enough to haul, but barely functional enough to justify its presence in your bag.

As we said, the Acer Iconia W510 is not a laptop or ultrabook, it's a tablet. You can even buy it sans keyboard stand for $500. We wouldn't want to though, since the stand provides extra battery life and the machine's only full size USB port.

A light build makes it easy to carry

On the tablet itself there's mini-HDMI and USB, a microSD port, headphone jack, volume rocker and charging port, so it really can fly solo without the keyboard dock.

The overall design of the Iconia W510 is defined by one thing: size. At just 10.2-inches and weighing less than two pounds, it's tiny, cute even. While this is an excellent form factor for a tablet, when you drop the W510 into its dock and start to type, you'll feel its limitation immediately.

Pops off the stand with the slide of a switch

In ultrabook-esque productivity mode, we found the W510's keyboard annoying and cramped to type on. 11-inches is as small as you can go and still fit a standard laptop keyboard on your machine. Since Acer went below that form factor, some sacrifices have been made. Keys are small, shallow and the touchpad is tiny too.

Banging away on this very review, we often missed keys and always felt as though we were hunched over the thing. Overall, we found the keyboard adequate for email, but not something we'd want to do any real word processing on. Just fifteen minutes or so of composing on the Iconia W510 had us dying to get back to our Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga or MacBook Pro, anything with a full, more functional keyboard.

Home and other keys have been relagated to FN commands

The touchpad is torturous. It's tiny and sensitive like a gnome with emotional issues. Mousing around, the arrow tended to flit all about the screen any time we applied our pointer finger with anything less than extreme precision. Unless you plan to stick with touching the screen, a wireless travel mouse is a must for the W510. Make sure its bluetooth or you'll be giving up your only USB port to a wireless dongle.

The touchpad is not also not multi-touch capable. This means no dragging two fingers to scroll a web page or slide the Start Screen. This is a corner that really shouldn't have been cut, since the shrunken keyboard makes Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys into function keys. Make sure your travel mouse has a scroll wheel.

No multi-touch here

Finally, the whole thing is unbalanced. Though the hinge is sturdy and keeps the screen in whatever position you choose, the thing tends to fall overt backwards at anything other than a ninety degree angle. The tablet/screen houses all the internals, outweighing the dock, giving it a tendency to fall over backwards when placed on anything other than a flat desktop. That's a mighty flaw for a travel-oriented machine.

The Acer Iconia Windows 8 has Intel inside, but not a chip we've seen in awhile. It runs on the Atom processor, which was introduced a few years ago with the first wave of netbooks. This is, of course, an updated version, but at just 1.8 GHz dual-core, it's not terribly modern.

The Atom is supported by 2GB of RAM and you've got 64GB of SSD to fill up, minus the space taken up by Windows 8 and few Acer applications.

This low-energy processor does wonders for the Iconia W510's battery life, but it makes for inconsistent performance, especially when multitasking. Browsing in either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome was a pleasant experience when it was the only thing we were doing. With three or more programs active at once, websites loaded in a herky jerky fashion. Sometimes a page displayed quickly, but the machine would take a few seconds before we could scroll or click a link.

The Iconia W510 with AC adapter

The Iconia W510 handled games like Angry Birds: Star Wars and Where's My Water just fine, but the machine's specs limit you tablet titles. Real PC gaming is basically out of the question. We were able to get playable framerates in the eight year old Half-Life 2, but anything more modern than that, such as Far Cry 2, proved too much for it to handle. The W510 is capable of basic Photoshop use, but forget about doing any sort of HD rendering.

However, that power-sipping processor does have one massive benefit: great battery life. Acer's estimation is 18 hours when using the dock, and we generally got numbers just slightly south of that. The W510 consistently pulled 16 hour days, with use ranging from word processing, email, web browsing and some Netflix and YouTube streaming.

The W510 is a tablet at heart

Using just the tablet still results in very respectable battery performance. We averaged 8 hours when going dockless. The W510 might be unpowered, but it's certainly not unreliable. For the best result and objective perception towards this gadget, you can read the rest on or you could also move aside and read another article written to education the consumer to get benefit from the purchased product and acknowledge the mind how to be a good customer by our previous article on konsumen cerdas paham perlindungan konsumen.


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